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what we value

Our community is centered around relationships, amongst each other, with the ground beneath our feet, and all of the living world. 

Plants, animals, waters, soils, mountains, winds, words, buildings, tools, we recognize all this world as alive and each part is vital to the whole.

The need to heal the planet has never been more salient than now. We understand the human pressures imposed on the planet by agriculture and wild habitat loss and are therefore dedicated to being a part of the solution through our relationship with and activities on this land.

Growing and raising food using regenerative practices to nourish ourselves and our community contributes to creating our regions food sovereignty – a powerful way to create positive social and ecological security.


Similarly, tending to the 100+ acres of undeveloped land we maintain is essential for the long-term health and viability of our ecosystem, watershed and ultimately human life.


Through land stewardship we try our best to mitigate the ever encroaching wild fires and impending droughts that threaten the health of all.


We honor our personal truth that "the earth is my body; my body is the earth" - a trust that there is ultimately no disconnect between human, animal, plant, fungal, geological and atmospheric life on this planet.

Through this, we practice listening and permission with the living world, so that we can listen and respond to it's needs, desires, and expectations of us. 


We value diversity in our neighborhood and welcome individuals and families that include all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, religions, socio-economic statuses, and other dimensions of human identity. Our creativity, understanding, and problem solving are better with a multitude of diverse perspectives.

We strive to hold compassionate spaces of open dialogue with equal voice representation through our consensus-based process, and through living in relationship with others. 

We own our ignorance. Through our efforts to build and grow this community, we will try to hold space for all of these values. And although we chose them as vital to our efforts, not one of us has the skills to navigate this process without at times failing to uphold them. We aim to face these challenges with humility, honesty, and a willingness to be wrong. We know that we will make many mistakes along the way and that each of us will never stop learning.

We see our lives here are sustained by the gifts of those who came before us. All that we may do here is held in the vision that we too, may leave a future worth inheriting. For all the ones coming. 

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