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Stone Steps

Steps to Join

Learn about the project

Read about our values, vision, and  and the scope of the project to get informed!​

meet the community

attend a meeting

learn about co-housing

attend an explorer orientation

become an applicant

get approved

Make Initial Investment

Meet Minimum Investment

participate in membership

Secure a Down Payment

Close on Home Purchase

Move In!

Attend a workday, a community dinner, and talk with 2 members of the community to get more acquainted with us

Attend a members meeting to get a feel for our consensus-based, participatory process as well as the committee work that helps drive the community.

Learn. more about co-housing and community living through these resources here, we recommend reading one book and exploring other projects 

Get in-person training on the status of the development, and the group’s goals and decisions thus far toward getting it built. Learn about our group process, home selection and investment structure. We’re here to walk you through it.

You’ve learned a lot, experienced meetings, and met members. If you’ve decided Rosewater Ranch Cohousing is right for you, fill out this application to formally request to join!

Be voted in by the members. By this point, we’ve gotten to know you and you’ve had a chance to learn about us — let’s make it official! Pay the $400 membership fee.

Make the minimum $2,000 investment to be added to the Rosewater Ranch, LLC and vote in member decisions. We’ll go through all the details of investing with you.The money you invest will go toward your home purchase price.

Within one month from your initial investment, make an additional investment to bring your total up to a minimum of $10,000 – current with the “cash calls” that have been invested by all members in the project so far.

Join a committee, attend meetings, and contribute 5 personal hours a week in helping to move the project along! It takes a village to get it built

Before the start of construction (Winter 2025 – Summer 2026), bring your investment up to 20% of your home price. This is the down payment for your home, required to secure the construction loan for the project.

Once construction is complete, you would typically seek a traditional mortgage, and we would be able to show that you have already met the 20% downpayment.

Enjoy all the benefits that Cohousing offers, including close neighbors, regular community dinners, beautiful natural spaces, gardens and gatherings!

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