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Vegetable Picking


Sitting by Campfire


We envision a home that is rooted in purpose and belonging through connection, inclusion and resource sharing. 


In this way of living in an intentionally designed community we are creating a highly efficient use of labor, time resources and energy use. 



Through both subsistence and commercial regenerative agriculture we strive to expand and improve upon our closed loop systems, soil building and feeding our community.


We currently have two certified organic commercial farms: Prema and Mountain Mushrooms. 

Our subsistence farming includes organic fruits, vegetables, staple crops, eggs, goat dairy, goat meat, herbs, medicinal and dyes plants while there are additionally endless possibilities for other commercial and subsistence farming activities ie. grains, pigs, poultry, cow dairy, cattle, fiber and more.



 The Rosewater Ranch property is 135 acres of which only roughly 4 acres are developed. We agree to maintain that never more than 10% of the land is developed and the other 90% is cared for through watershed restoration, tree planting, wildlife habitat building and preservation, native plant species restoration and wildfire mitigation. 


Rosewater Ranch continues to pursue getting adopted into an existing Land Trust or creating a new one to ensure this land remains undeveloped and under good stewardship indefinitely. 

Educational Gardening


 We value education and hope to expand upon the skill sets and passions among our resident team members and extended community network in order to offer and host a diverse range of educational courses and workshops.  Some of the existing skills among our community conducive to creating workshops around include regenerative farming and closed loop systems, natural building, female health, mindfulness, artisanal bread, cheese and fermentation, land stewardship, visual and performing arts and alternative child education.  Other skill sets we’d love to host include wilderness education, ancestral arts, native indigenous skills, music, herbalism and many more. 



RWR lends itself well to third party bookings for occasional events and workshops which is intended to both open our doors to an even broader community and to assist in the financial support of our eco-village at large.


We envision events such as natural building workshops, retreats, weddings, table-to-farm dinners and educational and communal gatherings. 

Concrete Wall

We envision a place that is full of purpose, life, connection, humility, and curiosity.
There is room for all of our dreams to exist here.  

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