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The Project + Vision

Rosewater Ranch currently exists on 130 acres 30 minutes North of Reno, Nevada. Currently there is a large house, barn, goats, and chickens living on the land alongside 7 other people. There is around 2 acres currently of tended community gardens for food and medicine, an edible mushroom operation, and a market-garden farm on the property. 

Our vision is to build 18-units for co-housing, a large community house that is the heart of our village,  a bath-house and sauna, and a large movement space tucked away in the trees for personal and commercial use. As of now, we have spent 12 months in the development of the project and are continuing to develop and change. 

Propety map.jpg

A current map of the 130 acres where we are, our proposed housing site, and our current existing buildings. 

Site plan.jpg


Site Plan

Our current tentative site plan includes 5 tri-plexes, with three different sized units in each tri-plex.  18 units total, with a centrally located common house, a large carport for car parking, small community gardens, and more. 


Three Different Units

We are in the stage of getting formal architectural drawings made for the private homes, but plan to have three different size units including an 900 sqft, 1200 sqft, and a 1500 sqft units. All sharing walls, cutting down on cost, reducing sound, and being the most energy efficient path forward.  



Common House

The common house is the heart of any village. The amenities we imagine having inside the common house are: large communal kitchen for shared meals, dining space, laundry room, craft room, walk-in freezer, root cellar, kids room, library, two guest rooms, a hearth-fire chill space, and other shared spaces that will bring a natural sense of connection, utility, togetherness, and beauty to all of our lives. 


Community Spaces

We envision a community bath and sauna house, large yurt for movement or workshops, and with the large house cleared, will have space for other events or educational spaces. The land currently has goats, chickens, and many pastures, fields, and gardens with the potential for more folks to raise animals, or run businesses that can keep their livelihood rooted in at home. 

large yoga yurt.jpg
RWR Housing Concept Plan.jpg

Rosewater Ranch Parcel of Land

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